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In memory of Indra and Ratna, an Award by name ‘Indra Ratna Award’ was installed. This Award consists of a cash amount of Rs.50,000/-, a silver trophy and a citation. This award is given to either a woman or a group of women or a women federation or children, for their heroic deeds in the following areas:
in the field of community development, especially for women, dalits, tribals, landless agricultural
labourers, small and marginal farmers, children, aged and physically/mentally challenged
in crisis situations like epidemics and any other emergency situation
in rebuilding the families and communities
in the area of health
in any other field that honours the award.
Last date for Nomination: 31st October every year.
She is: An illiterate rural, dalit woman. Hailing from Burnapur village in Bijapur district, she has excelled all her peers through her exceptional services to the point of heroism. Married when she was five months old and widowed at the age of seven, she had bloomed into an indefatigable development worker and leader, against all odds, making a mark in the area of women and community development and eradication of illicit liquor. She is the proud winner of the Uma-Utsav Award in 1999. She is the President of the President of the Grameen Mahila Swayam Abhivrudhi Trust promoted by SABALA.

Smt. Tarabai Laxman Manguli

She is: A Mathamma. She is struggling to put an end to the Mathamma culture with the support of RISE and SSS. By her undaunted efforts, the dedication of children to the Goddess Mathamma and the dance performance by the Mathammas at the village festivals has been completely stopped at Nagalapuram, Sathyavedu, Vijayapuram, Pitchathur and Puthur mandals. She is actively involved in the development of not only Mathammas but the entire panchayat. She is the President of the Amma’s Union promoted by Stree Sakthi Sanghatana (SSS) at the District level and is a Ward Member of B.K. Baidu.
Smt. Parvati
She is: A dalit land activist. Born in 1926 in Ayangottai, she was pained to see the struggles of the dalit women in her village. She played a major role in Vinobhave’s Bhoomidhan movement. She affirms that land belongs to the tiller. The Land for Tillers Freedom (LAFTI) movement initiated by her in Koothur village of Nagai district has appropriated 10,000 acres of land for 10,000 families. The titles of all these lands were in the names of the women. She has been honoured by many prestigious Awards like Jamunalal Bajaj Award in 1988, Padmashree in 1989 and Veeriyakari in 2004.
Smt. Krishnammal Jaganathan
She is: An Anganwadi teacher from a tribal community. Hailing from Bisnal village of Bagalkot district, she has been working for the development of her community. She has played active role in the Right for Food movement and Jana Jagruti Samiti (Public Awareness Committee) for making local Fair Price Shops function effectively. She has assisted 38 families to get lands from the SC/ST Corporation. She is an active member of the District Level Land Right Committee. She has helped the people to avail government schemes such as self-employment schemes, Namma Magalu Namma Shakti (My daughter-my power) scheme and Asharaya housing scheme. She is the core POOC of HEKS India programme implemented by YVK.
Smt. Prema Suresh
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